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Ausgewählte Kapitel der Systemsoftware (AKSS) (WS17/18)

Open for signing up: no. Planned from 2017-08-20 12:00:00 until 2017-09-25 12:00:00.

Responsible: Schmaus, Florian


You can find your matrikel-number and login on your student-id-card as "Matrikelnummer" and "Benutzerkennung". If you have a login in the Computer Science CIP-Pool, use that one in the "login"-field. If you changed your password not to be your matrikel-number, use your password in the "Matrikelnummer" field.

choice comment time room tutor # places
Di 16-18 00.035 Schmaus, Florian 0 / 8
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